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Tomatoes, basil, garlic and Extra Virgen Olive Oil on grilled homemade bread


Grilled polenta with creamy wild mushroom sauce and melted fontina cheese

Carpaccio Classico

Classic beef carpaccio with urugula, shaved parmigiano and lemon-caper dressing

Calamari Alla Griglia

Grilled calamari marinated in pesto over baby arugula, and pickled onions


Prosciutto E Mozzarella

Prosciutto di para with mozzarella du bufala

Salumi Misti

Assorted Italian sliced meats, cheeses, olives, crostini and fig jam

Antipasto Vegetariano

Mixed grilled vegetables and mozzarella di bufalo with balsamic glaze



Insalata Cavolo Nero

Tuscan kale, apples, crispy pancetta, walnuts, croutons with Caesar dressing

Insalata Esotica

Baby arugula, heart of palm, avocado, tomatoes and shaved parmigiano

Insalata Barbabietola

Roated beets, avocado, and goat cheese with hazelnut vinaigrette



Spaghetti Con Le Vongole

Spaghetti with manila clams, cherry tomatoes and white wine

Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti with pancetta, shallot, egg and pecorino Romano.

Rigatoni Bolognese

Rigatoni with an original Italian recipe made with ground beef, celery, carrots and onion.

Burrata Ravioli

Homemade burrata ravioli with sundried tomato and creamy basil walnut Pesto

Linguini Nere Alla Arrabbiata

Homemade black linguini with shrimp and spicy “calabrian” tomato sauce

Fettuccine Funghi

Homemade fettuccine with wild mushrooms and a light cream sauce

Pappardelle Con Ragu Di Carne

Homemade pappardelle with honey-braised short rib ragu.

Rigatoni Firenze

Rigatoni with eggplant, melted mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil

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