Drink of the day :  Fresh watermelon mojito $14 

SALAD: Baby spinach with roasted butternut squash, avocado, peach and feta cheese. $10.95

APPETIZER: Grilled octopus with a side of broccoli rabe and artichokes . $14.95

PASTA: Homemade Gnocchi with prosciutto di parma, plum chopped tomatoes, fresh basil and fresh ricotta. $19.95

RISOTTO with sweet and hot italian sausage, roasted peppers, green peas and lemon oil $20.95

FISH: Pan seared red snapper alla livornese, served with sauteed mixed vegetables $24.95

MEAT: Roasted chicken rollatini stuffed with mortadella, spinach and fresh mozzarella, served with garlic mashed potatoes . $23.95